Learning typing was never this easy

Actual Price ₹1999
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Learning typing was never this easy

Learn Typing from the ease of your home

Now you can learn typing from home and schedule your learning according to your convenience.

  • Laptop/computer or Smartphone + Keyboard
  • No Prior typing knowledge is necessary. This typing course starts with the very basics.
  • The main requirement is a willingness to commit to the learning process and practice accordingly.
So enroll for this 15 days life changing course and become a professional typist.

Learn Typing from anywhere

Forget the boring and difficult way of learning typing in the old fashioned way, No need to install a Typing software, learn online- learn from anywhere and on any device- computer, laptop, mobile or Tablet

Advantage Premium membership

Actual Price ₹1999
₹299 limited time offer only
  • Access to full classroom lectures
  • Access to full Practice Section
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Customer care support
  • The answer of any doubt on Twitter
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • AD free learning
  • Cetificate on course completion
Advantage Premium membership

TypingBazaar give you the edge over traditional classroom

Access to India’s best teachers for all, 24*7 on-demand doubts resolutions, adaptive practice questions based on difficulty, 100+ on-demand mock tests, performance analysis, all in one place

Time Utilisation
Doubt Sessions
Personalised Attention
Practice Sessions
Batches Discrimination
Online Tests Support
Learn from the comfort & safety of your home
Get your doubts cleared at anytime
Focuses on personalised learning and provides individual attention
Adaptive practice sessions, can be taken at any time
No batch discrimination
Unlimited online tests
Offline Coaching
Need to travel alot. Waste of time & energy
No post class doubt sessions
No personal attention given
Practice sheets given post class
A lot of batch discrimination
No online tests
Other Online Coaching
Learn from the comfort & safety of your home
No post class doubt sessions
No individual learning paths
Generic practice sessions
No batch discrimination
Online tests


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What is Typing Bazaar?

Typing Bazaar is an online typing learning platform. Typing Bazaar is a complete typing solution. On this typing platform created under the Make in India Initiative, you have all the things you need to learn typing in one place.

What is Touch Typing?

We also call touch typing, blind typing or touch keyboarding, it means that such a way of typing on the computer in which we type without looking at the keyboard. When we type in this way, our fingers know which key to press due to muscle memory. For touch typing, we use all our fingers to press different keys.

How many days it will take to learn touch typing?

It will take you about 15 days to learn typing, in which you will be given complete knowledge in the next 12 classes.

Benefits of Touch Typing

More professional look More productive More creative Help you to clear your exam Helps you to get typing jobs Reduced switching of attention Reduced neck strain

What is Premium of Typing Bazaar?

The premium of Typing Bazaar provides you full access to Typing Bazaar, includes lifetime access to classroom, practice and other benefits.

What is the cost of Premium?

The offer price of Premium Typing Bazaar is INR 299 only. (inclusive of all taxes)

How i will get the confirmation of my Premium purchase?

you will get a confirmation mail on your registered email within 10 minutes of your payment. and with that, your premium benefits will be unlocked.

Is this fee refundable?

No, these fees are not refundable.